When the Wind Chimes Chime: Ending the greatest fear of all

This video is the story of a little boy named Andraez and about end-of-life choices.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your child were diagnosed with a terminal illness?Would your state laws allow treatment options? Would you have the legal right to protect your child's dignity ... to ensure his peaceful passing?  When the Wind Chimes Chime begins with the true story of a little boy whose options were few, based on the western medical establishment and social laws, at a time when what he needed most were compassion and quiet time for gentle closure. His story will open your heart as well as your eyes. You may find yourself wondering about the laws in your own state, perhaps even assisting in changing them for the greater good of humanity.  The last part of the book is a journey of self-discovery ... it contains many personal accounts of people who were able to approach their own final days in peace. Ultimately, this book is about releasing the greatest fear of all and embracing the natural cycle of life!

About the Book

When the Wind Chimes Chime: Ending The Greatest Fear of All

What are the beliefs and fears that shape our end-of-life experience?  What are the man-made laws that may remove some of our choices? Is it possible for us to come to terms with death, to release our fears about it, to embrace death as part of the natural cycle of life?

These are some questions that are explored in When the Wind Chimes Chime: Ending the Greatest Fear of All.

Part One of the book is the true story of a little boy named Andraez who, identified as “one of the ancient ones”, lived in this world for seven years, and who left this world with his legacy of hope.  Engaging and thought-provoking, this book will open your eyes as well as your heart!  Your heart will open, and perhaps break, as you follow the journey of a little boy whose end-of-life choices were dictated by the laws of our western medical world.  Your eyes will open as you discover the struggles this family endured as they tried desperately to protect the dignity of their child as he faced terminal bone cancer.

This riveting work will move you to laugh, to cry, to get angry, to care, and perhaps even to take action.  What would you do if your child were faced with a serious illness?  Would you know your options?  Are you aware of your state’s laws?  This literary inspiration will serve as a wake-up call. 

And finally, the book invites the reader to explore his own thoughts and beliefs about death and to release any long-held fears.  It contains a variety of personal accounts of people who were able to approach their own final days in peace and acceptance and to move towards an understanding that life continues … forever and ever.

Endorsements ...

“This is a remarkable, powerful, emotionally fulfilling, and deeply rewarding book.”  

- Neale Donald Walsch,  Best Selling Author

“As many of you realize, leaving this world is just as natural as entering it. I applaud Donna for opening our eyes to the fact that we have choices and to the compassionate understanding that comes with these choices. Congratulations! This is a great book.”  

- Dannion Brinkley, Best Selling Author


“Donna Corso has gifted us with a true illumination of the evolution of the experience of death. Taking us through the modern trauma of forced procedures when they do not work, through the process of dying with grace, into the highest realms of human experience of life beyond death, we begin to move together beyond this phase of life itself. We are taken into the evolutionary potential of humanity for continuity of consciousness through many bodies. She is a midwife to our birth into life beyond death.” 

- Barbara Marx Hubbard,  Best Selling Author

“And for what? Donna Corso’s compelling read … asks this crucial question when faced with medical demands that fly in the face of all reason, intuitive knowing, good parenting, and compassion. In this work, the reader is taught how to face his fears and views about death and come to a more enlightened view of this critical aspect of life.” 

- Rev. Joan Gattuso, Best Selling Author


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