Donna Corso

Donna has a passion for life in all of its forms and a passion for this ball whirling in space that we walk upon …our Sacred Earth.  She believes we have all come to this planet to be fully alive, to live in integrity, in peace, in love, and to create a life we would love to live. Sure … life will have its challenges, but wouldn’t it be boring without challenges?  How else would we grow?

Growing up, she felt a deep connection to the Earth, to animals, to rocks, and of course to people, particularly people who have been disenfranchised  in our society. Her dream has always been to bring harmony and to  heal the differences that seem to separate us from one another.

In 1988, her passion for the environment was ignited when she attended  her first Windstar Symposium in Aspen, Colorado (Windstar was an environmental education organization co-founded by singer John Denver.) Following her attendance at that symposium, Donna felt inspired to return to her home (in northeast Ohio at that time) and initiate a local grassroots non-profit environmental organization that became known as NOWC (Northern Ohio Windstar Connection).  

Soon thereafter, she became director of The Vegetarian Connection which helped bring an awareness of the impact of our food choices not only on our health but the welfare of animals and the Earth itself. She became regional coordinator of a county-wide reforestation project and a co-advisor of an environmental Explorer’s post.  In 1995 she was honored with a Lake County (Ohio) Environmental Improvement Award.

Years later, while living in Oregon, she trained as a facilitator of the Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium, a powerful, multi-media interactive presentation created by the Pachamama Alliance that was designed to foster an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just world.  Donna encourages everyone to become aware of issues that impact our human rights, our health, and the health and integrity of our planet and to become proactive in whatever direction their heart leads them.

She also sees life itself as an eternal process, having no beginning and no end.  What we call “death” is a part of the natural cycle of life and can be embraced rather than feared.  In 2013 she published her book, When the Wind Chimes Chime: Ending the Greatest Fear of All.  It’s a book that includes end-of-life issues as well as stories that can help us to release our fears.  (To read more about it, click on “The Book.”)

As a certified hypnotherapist, Donna feels that past-life regression is a powerful tool to uncover the root of our issues so they can be released.  Whether one believes in reincarnation or not seems to not matter.  The process itself can assist in releasing what no longer serves us.

In 2015 she was certified by Mary Morrissey and the Life Mastery Institute as a Dream Builder Coach. This is a 12-week program to help people create a life they would love to live. (To learn more, click on “Dream Builder.”)

 Since 2001 Donna has also been personal assistant to Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series. 

Donna resides in North Carolina.  If you are interested in more information, contact Donna Corso at


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